the laundry house


(530) 333-0116
6322 hwy 193 ste. 8
georgetown, ca  95634
open 7 days/week   9am-5pm
we accept: cash, debit/credit cards


self-serve coin operated machines available
$1.50 monday's

*corporate/business accounts available

    red package  $0.99/lb.
    wash - laundry soap only
    dry/fluff - dryer sheet only
    fold- clothes folded only
    10 lb. minumum

    comforters, large blankets, sleeping bags or additional services are $5.00 each

    add eco friendly to any package at no extra charge
    *includes soap & fabric softner only

    white package  $1.09/lb.
    wash - fabric softner, bleach or vinegar
    dry/fluff - dryer sheet only
     fold - clothes folded only
    10 lb. minimum

    blue package $1.19/lb.
    wash - laundry soap, fabric softner, scent booster, bleach or vinegar
             dry/fluff - dryer sheet only
       fold & hang - clothes folded & clothes placed on hangers
    maximum 20 hangers
    10 lb. minimum

    **Vinegar is used as a deodorizer & alternative to color-safe bleach

    we love our customers, but we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone
    McEntire's Laundry House is not responsible for lost or stollen items
    all items that are left at McEntire's Laundry House will be held and donated after 14 business days